About down and feathers

On average, humans spend one third of their lives asleep. The purpose of this important part of the day is to relax and be refreshed. Sleep regenerates the body and the spirit and allows us to store energy for the next day. The prerequisites for a healthy and relaxing sleep should be geared to the individual needs of the sleeper.

Natural fillings made of down and feathers offer many different advantages. Whichever type of sleeper you are, you will find the right kind of bedding for each season. Down provide ideal conditions for a comfortable sleep. They are light in weight and offer excellent temperature regulation. When you sleep down create a delightful warmth in no time at all. The moisture absorbed from the body is continuously dissipated and any remaining humidity rapidly disappears with the daily airing of the bedding.

Most down- and feather-filled bedding articles are washable (see care instructions) and extremely durable. Down and feathers are natural products, which means that the fillings of old bedding articles can even be composted.

Interesting information for house dust allergy sufferers

House dust mite allergy sufferers can still enjoy down and feather bedding

Tips on caring for bedding articles

Proper care will extend durability of feather and down-filled bedding.